The Blood War. The Great War of the Heavens. Angels versus demons versus devils. And caught in the crossfire are the mortals – the pawns of war, the unwitting footsoldiers. Disenchanted with the War, a select group of celestials and fiends have opted to forgo the War. Recruiting mortals, half celestials, and half fiends into their fold, the small rebel group calls themselves the Council of Wings, and they have a new initiative for the Blood War – to bring it to a grinding halt however they can.

On one lonely world in the Mortal Plane, the War is only just starting to take its toll. The Council faction stationed here intend to cut out the corruption before it becomes too late. The Head of Mortals, a psionic seeress named Aida, has divined a possible way of stomping out interference from the gods, the angels, and the fiends. “If humans are the tools through which the gods play their sinister game against one another,” she reasoned, “then we need merely to cut the bond between man and god.”

By removing the Medallion of Faith, the lifeline between a deity and his faith, from the High Priest, the Council is able to sever the bonds between mortal and immortal and take away another player in the Blood War. Their job will not be easy; the pantheon is big and powerful, and everywhere they turn, new enemies fight to bring them to their knees…

(Based loosely on the book Anger of Angels. Played solely through AOL Instant Messenger and FantasyGrounds.)

Council of Wings

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