Council of Wings

Last Time

  • The Hextor Temple group made it to Deepmist Isle, where the fortress of Hextor, and his temple, stood.
  • After some scouting from Tevran and Xander, it was decided that a sneakier method must be used to overtake the temple. Talon and Xander headed off towards an unguarded sewer, hoping to infiltrate the base from below.
  • Meanwhile, Dreamwarp had transformed the others and herself into supposed mounts of Heironeous knights. The Hextorian knights took in the wayward horses, claiming them as trophies of sorts.
  • Xander was detected in his attempt to sneak into the base and now the place is an uproar, moreso since the rest of the group changed back. It has turned into out and out melee, with the group, a handful of elite knights and priests, and almost a hundred strong of soldiers duking it out.



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