Council of Wings

Last Time

  • The group fought valiantly at Hextor’s temple. Arcan managed to destroy over 100 of the knights, a priest, an elite knight, and the commander when he cast a maximized Meteor Swarm on the central fortress during a religious mass. Though his initial spell took out most of the people, the structural damage caused the entire thing to collapse, which is what finished off the stronger enemies. This still left several priests, however, and one well aimed Implosion spell destroyed Arcan.
  • Dreamwarp shapeshifted into the form of a small mouse and wriggled through the wreckage to the former high priest’s body. Turning back, she grabbed his medallion and rejoined the others.
  • Xander was destroyed by an Implosion spell as he sought to protect Talon running from three of the priests hot on his trail.
  • The medallion of Hextor in hand, the group shifted back to the base. Dreamwarp burned through two Wishes to bring back the bodies of the slain and they were resurrected.



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