Council of Wings

Last Time

  • The group learned that the next medallions to gain were Corellon and Ehlonna. The two priests, both elves, were married and the temples were actually quite nearby. Xander, being a follower of Ehlonna and a protector of the elves, snuck out to try and gain the medallions peacefully on his own, but failed in negotiations. Instead, he planned to stay with the elves as they hurried to move their village – now forewarned that the Council of Wings was coming.
  • The rest of the Council found the village. Dreamwarp went forth alone to speak with her brother, but negotiations failed there as well. She summoned everyone else into the village. A small scuffle broke out but nobody was seriously hurt.
  • In exchange for the medallions, the group agreed to summon a guardian spirit for the elves to protect them forever. The elves agreed and the medallions were gained.
  • Xander left the party (banished for betraying the council).



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