Council of Wings

Last Time

  • Aida divined that Carnessia is ruled by six separate departments that oversee all aspects of the city. In response, six smaller parties have been formed to tackle individual departments simultaneously.
  • Trade Department – Run by: Thornton Endiri – Team: Error
  • Spirituality Department – Run by: High Priestess Rianna of Wee Jas – Team: Zira and Talon
  • Noble Affairs Department – Run by: Phillip Melissan – Team: Dreamwarp, Drake, Adam, and Amaro
  • Magic Department – Run by: Jayson Transter – Team: Aida, Dante, and Clay
  • Military Department – Run by: Malik Caspian – Team: Andromeda, Haku, and Blanka
  • Guilds Department – Run by: Myra Faust – Team: Blackberry, Zack, and Thakur
  • Trade Department Info: Thornton is a follower of Olidammara. There are no known rumors about him. He supplied an ornate dagger to High Priestess Rianna.
  • Spirituality Department Info: Rianna is the high priestess of Wee Jas. She is rumored to be an undead of some sort, such as a vampire. She seeks out converts on an individual basis. Her primary worship chamber is incredibly cold, yet she gives no indication of breathing. She conducted at least one murder in conjunction with Wizard Jayson.
  • Noble Affairs Department Info: Really a front for all the ‘dirty money’ of the city. Any other information is currently negligable as the team slew the leader.
  • Magic Department Information – Jayson oversees all magical use in the city. He is very tight-lipped about what kind of incidents require his hand. He professes great hatred for Rianna, yet comitted at least one murder with her.
  • Military Department Info – Malik appears to be working hard at eliminating crime in the city.
  • Guilds Department Info – Myra has taken a sudden and deep interest in Thakur after learning he was an illusionist bard. Is apparently keeping a young, female, possibly child bard hostage.



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