Council of Wings

Last Time

  • Talon, Zira, and Amaro investigated the Temple to Wee Jas undercover. The only things found of note was a false bookshelf hiding a true bookshelf full of undead care material, and documents indicating the flow of money out of the temple.
  • Thakur, BB, Dreamwarp, Adam, and Drake all went to Myra’s office where they ‘kicked in the door’ and knocked her out, simultaneously freeing the captured bard.
  • The bard has turned out to be Fly, the high priestess of Branchala, god of kender. After some negotiating with Branchala, the god has agreed to forgo all activity in the divine war on that world in exchange for safekeeping of kender and allowing Fly to come and go as she pleases with the group.
  • Kender are now a playable PC race.



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