Council of Wings

Last Time
  • The group traveled over the lands to the Icy Wastes
  • They located a hidden trapdoor that leads to Nerull’s Temple
  • The group fought and defeated a pit devil
Last Time
  • BB and Dante announced their intent to marry.
  • The group traveled to Sword Isle to meet with BB’s caravan-family for the wedding. On arrival, however, it was found that the entire caravan had been slaughtered by priests of Nerull.
Last Time
  • There was a Mage Tournament in Tyrell. Arcan, Dreamwarp, Sienna, Andromeda, Thakur, and Zack all joined.
  • Round 1: Sienna, Zack, and Thakur were knocked out of the competition.
  • Round 2: Dreamwarp was defeated by Arcan, but upon defeating Andromeda, was able to keep in the running.
  • Round 3, Final: Dreamwarp defeated Arcan, making her the champion.
Last Time
  • The party moved on to the final beacon.
  • The party fought a number of trolls and two demons.
  • Agrona, High Priestess of Erythnul was defeated. Her medallion was secured.
  • Blackberry and Noel were both slain but revived.
Last Time
  • The party moved on to a camp of ogres.
  • Xander was slain.
  • Dreamwarp resurrected Xander.
  • The party did not discover anything new.
  • The party moved on to the 2nd beacon. Originally, this one held bugbears, but Eclipse slew them all. He was waiting there with an ally of his, Maelion – a psychic warrior spiker – and his sister Pandora, a half-fiend assassin/sorcerer. Pandora was completely hidden and so the party fought Eclipse and Maelion.
  • Eclipse was slain by Arcan.
  • Maelion was slain by Zira.
  • Pandora backstabbed Arcan to kill him, and then Tevran killed Pandora, but not before she had a summoned devil take Eclipse’s and Arcan’s body away.
  • Dreamwarp wished Arcan’s body back and Zira resurrected him.
Last Time
  • We defeated the camp of humans.
  • We captured one of the humans for questioning, learning not much new.
  • Haku joined the party as a PC.
Last Time
  • The party continued farther north and encountered the next sect of worshippers at Beacon Four. These were all humans with a blood fiend demon amongst them.
  • Battle is to be concluded
Last Time
  • The party moved their base to Lake Endria.
  • The group has set off to gain the Medallion of Faith for Erythnul. Again.
  • The group encountered a base of gnolls who worship Erythnul. All were killed but two who supplied information and then were released.
  • Information supplied, roughly: They worship Erythnul. The high priestess is Agrona. She is a troll. They hold no love for her or any other warring faction of Erythnul’s faith. There are five beacons on the warpath; they are beacon five, and Agrona is far north at beacon one.
  • Sienna joined the party as an NPC.
  • Blanka joined the party as a PC.
Last Time
  • The party engaged in a fight against Demetria.
  • Dante was slain by Demetria.
  • Arcan was slain by Demetria.
  • Eclipse showed up with Dreamwarp.
  • Andromeda was slain by Eclipse.
  • Zira was slain by Eclipse.
  • Salvador was slain by Eclipse
  • Dreamwarp, Xander, and Tevran escaped.
  • Noel, Aida, and Zack went back to the base to recover the bodies.
  • Aida slew Demetria.
  • Eclipse slew Noel.
  • After their return to base, everyone was resurrected (except for Salvador, who rendered his death permanent by laying a mortal curse on Demetria).
  • Demetria has been banished from the Mortal Plane for 13 years.
Last Time
  • Amaro joined the party as a PC
  • Talon joined the party as an NPC
  • Xander and Dreamwarp formed a group to go hunt Demetria
  • Everyone travelled to Carnessia and decided to attend one of the elite parties in hopes of finding Demetria. Andromeda, Arcan, and Zira were separated from the group and brought upstairs. Dreamwarp was led away by Eclipse. Demetria showed up.

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